Tina, Darrell, and their son Travon stayed at IHNGC in 2015, and we couldn’t be happier to share the story of their success! The family moved to Cincinnati from Kentucky in search of better opportunities just a few weeks before entering shelter. Despite the fact that Tina is a Certified Nursing Assistant and both parents have strong work histories, they didn’t get jobs lined up as quickly as they had hoped, and their small savings dwindled. They were unable to continue staying with Tina’s mom, and were almost at the point of sleeping in their car.

Luckily, IHNGC was there for them, providing for their basic needs so that they
could fully focus on the hard work of rebuilding their lives. With our help,
Darrell quickly got a job as a delivery driver and Tina got a job at a restaurant.
Our case manager linked them with a program to cover rent for a few
months in the new apartment she helped them to find. She also connected
them to funds to repair their car, and enrolled their young son in daycare so
that they could work.

Tina and Darrell are now doing great in their new home! Since leaving, Tina was even able to find work in the nursing field and put her skills to use. The family is grateful for IHNGC helping them get on the right foot in Cincinnati. “The case manager worked closely with us, but also made us work for ourselves,” Tina reflected on her experience in Emergency Shelter.