Tyrice and his five-year old son Sean had been living with Tyrice’s long-term girlfriend, when they suddenly broke up. Tyrice and Sean had to move out immediately, and had no place to go. Unfortunately, Tyrice had struggled in the past as he attempted to raise his young son on his own. He had been evicted several times and had recently been laid off from his last job as a masonry worker, so their options were limited. They came into shelter with a positive attitude despite how challenging things had been, and made incredible changes in a very short time.

Tyrice immediately got to work with his case manager to find new housing and
develop a plan for his future. Within 10 days, Tyrice had linked to the IHNGC
Rapid Re-housing program and found a new apartment to call home. The
Rapid Re-housing program is helping to cover a portion of his rent for up to a
year, so he can put the supports in place he needs to break his past cycle of
housing instability. The day he got the keys to their new place, Tyrice walked
from office to office thanking every staff member that made it possible. He
walked out of our doors for the last time with a huge smile on his face.

He got the housing his family needed, but he is still staying focused on making
changes that will help him keep his housing long-term. He is working to
improve his employability by enrolling in the Urban League employment
training program to better prepare him for his next job in construction. In
addition to the job training, he is even holding down part-time employment
doing clean-up work. He got childcare for Sean during the day, and has been
able to access other public benefits that will keep him and his son stable,
healthy, and happy. The future looks bright for Tyrice and Sean and we truly
thank United Way for making this family’s success possible.