To apply please contact our Director of Operations, MerryBeth McKee at merrybeth@ihncincinnati.org

Position: Weekend Shelter Coordinator (shared alternating weekends and holidays)


  • Ability to relate well to people
  • Good telephone/email skills
  • Ability to give guidance to guests and volunteers in performance of Day Center tasks
  • Ability to accurately record information on forms or in written reports
  • Ability to lift up to 40 pounds
  • Ability to perform routine manual work such as cleaning
  • Ability to read, write, and do basic math
  • Willingness to learn web-based client-tracker data-base
  • Ability to learn in-take procedure and conduct in-takes with new guests


  • To supervise maintaining safety, effective operation, and cleanliness of Day Center and surroundings
  • To make sure that children are supervised at all times, that guests fulfill other obligations such as assisting in Day Center cleaning, that accurate census data is maintained and communicated to staff, congregations, and transportation personnel, and that guests are received at and depart the Center according to current policies and procedures.


  • See that children are supervised by parents at all times.
  • Insure that the building and surroundings are clean, safe, and secure at all times; check premises every 1½ hours.
  • Answer the phone, open the door to greet visitors, and take messages.
  • Make visitors and volunteers feel welcome, giving tours if scheduled, etc.
  • Process weekend donations.
  • Communicate with Central Access Point on new family referrals.
  • Conduct weekend intakes as necessary.
  • Communicate daily census details to hosting congregations.
  • Provide weekend care, when necessary, for any pets in residence, including feeding, letting out and cleaning kennels.
  • Oversee sporadic weekend volunteers with assistance from Shelter Operations Coordinator.
  • Provide shelter guests with requested supplies.
  • Make sure that the building is secure at all times and that doors are locked unless staff is observing unlocked doors.
  • Make sure that toilet paper, paper towels, and soap are stocked in bathrooms throughout building.
  • Check lights, appliances, and equipment daily to make sure that they are safe and in operating order.  Report any discrepancies immediately to the Shelter Operations Coordinator.
  • Open and close the Day Center using correct procedure as assigned.
  • Make sure that the building and surroundings are “child-proof,” with all dangerous and hazardous materials locked up and inaccessible to children.
  • Carry out other responsibilities related to the Objectives, above, as assigned.

Refer to the full position listing for more details.